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erosets provide comprehensive management solution that delivers realistic programme. We accomplished this objective through smart but manageable and easy to implement Programme of Works (POW) that supports our clients Planning/ Project Controls requirement upon initiating to close-out.

Our mission is defined by countless successful Project Management Teams and Process Groups that we had help-out deliver numerous projects within a specific time.

Our Vision is defined by our client's success in managing projects integration, scope, time, cost, quality, Resources, procurement, risk and claims.

New Services

. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) validation

. Tender Preliminary Programme & Methodology Preparation.

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erosets Claim management for Cost variations, Extension of Time (EOT) and Construction dispute resolution. Detailing of particular cause & effect, and substantiation for entitlement of Claim, through:

. Liability Identification & Risk Management

. Document Analysis related to Delay & Disruption

. Schedule Impact Analysis using event fragnets

. Prolongation, mitigation, and acceleration assessments.

. Concurrent and Parallel Delay Analysis.

. Quantity Surveying to identify contract variations

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