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Creations Crux Connexion

Posted on March 10, 2015 at 2:00 AM

an infinite-dimensional set theory...

People enjoy seeing other people fail. Schadenfreude is the feeling of pleasure derived from another person’s misfortune or hearing about the troubles of other people. There is a science behind this sadistic behaviour.

Depending upon the mood of the observer, seeing shapes in the clouds, ceiling or in space and hearing illusive message where the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning does not actually exist are examples of a psychological phenomenon called Pareidolia (parr-i-doh-lee-ə;).


Belief in Free will is the ability of conscious living being to make choices unconstrained by certain factors such as logical, nomological, or theological determinism, physical constraints (such as chains or imprisonment), social constraints (such as threat of punishment or censure), and mental constraints (such ascompulsions or phobias, neurological disorders, or genetic predispositions).

This issue has been widely debated throughout history, including not only whether free will exists but even how to define the concept. Free will had to do with being able to take responsibility for our actions, of being able and willing to act in accordance with society's dictates, particularly as set out in the laws of the land.(source: newphilosopher)

A quark–gluon plasma (QGP) or quark soup is a phase of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) which is hypothesized to exist and thought to be among the building blocks of matter. The boosted luminosity of the particle beams and the lower energy collisions will optimize the production of quark-gluon plasma. “Critics have called for serious attention to the possibility that the collider might generate a subatomic object called a ‘strangelet,’ which could start a chain reaction converting everything into ‘strange matter’.  It could also open a gateway to a subatomic world in a Frame Scale and fractal dimension.

Lattice Quantum Chromodynamic can simulate a portion of the universe and can be expanded in size in the far future. One of the biggest problems with quantum experiments is the tendency of humans to influence the situati­on of small particles.Physicists have created particle accelerators that remove any physical human influence from the process of accelerating a particle's energy of motion. The smallest measure of light, which have no mass or electrical charge can still bounce a particle around, changing its velocity and speed. This is called Uncertainty Principle

Power of Free Will is a believing choice to predetermine your own course that can be tested by morality, but choices causes uncertainty. That is an equation of life where DNA is originally said to be the spark of life. DNA is a blue print, a copy of genetic evolution while RNA is the first genetic material to interact, a large biological molecule that convey genetic information from DNA to the ribosome, where they specify the aminoacid sequence of the protein products of gene expression and perform multiple vital roles in the coding, decoding, and regulation.


However, DNA degrades over time, and how long it lasts depends on how well it's preserved. TNA is currently the candidate to be the spark of life. Sugar forms TNA that copy itself  with a very complex pattern  that could creats structure of the universe. The geometric and ethical pattern of the universe is a product of evolution where humans and other lifeforms are products of  biological evolution that someone created laws...God guided.

Resurrection Science is a global scientific investigation into DNA sequencing and bio-molecular cloning to understand how scientists resurrect creatures from the past. Palaeontologists have long accepted that birds are a form of dinosaur. Tyrannosaurus Rex, evolved into the modern-day chicken has been given scientific backing with the discovery of some pre-historic collagen. Analysis of the collagen has provided genetic proof of a link to chickens, with both sharing remarkably similar bone structure.

That's one of the wonders of Creation. Can humans be recreated?

Find a door, opens up another door. The book is by no means finished...

This blog was drafted earlier & posted in auto-setting mode to celebrate roysplanner's 56th birthday.





The Eccentric Credo

Posted on January 17, 2013 at 8:45 PM

an Infinite-Dimensional Set Theory

In excess of self-esteem or ego has impaired human lives since history began. What affects us most is the path in which condition may generate failure or success to our goals in a span of time. Events might arrive nastiest even though it is cautiously planned but at any rate whatsoever, there should be some planning on how to manage the events in our life. If we do not programme with goals which we ourselves has the mindset, we will become intimidated or just abide the ideals set by others, which do not faithfully match up with our objective. The Eccentric Credo is made to suggest, to attune ourselves with the unconventional thinking about endurance in this information technology spirited world and not simply choosing the option of living to accept what comes. 


Orthodox is conventional or traditional and accepted practice of ideals, any ironic but methodical contradiction to the established ideals is called Paradox. An observable fact but unexplainable occurrence or event is a Phenomenon. If someone attempts to propose his best guess with a rational suggestion or elaborate assumption to explain certain unusual event it is called Hypothesis. Principle is an established opinion and belief correlating standards or code to connect the event. When an idea is set into a scientific model with logical analogy or mathematical formula or conceptual philosophy it becomes a Theory. When it is generally accepted by social institution and will regulate its application by passing certain rules, directives or legal decree, a theory becomes a Law


Religion starts with an idea based on documented theological events and its context mostly become the geopolitical influence of lawmakers to outline laws associated with penal codes. Ignorance of the law excuses no one but there are some exceptions and lighter penalties depending on the offender’s level of sanity and systematic arrangement of evidences. Some knowledgeable critics applied advance sciences to animate representing certain religious belief and publish the effects, they are called Biblical Creationist. Although, what is accepted is not necessarily reality and what is taught is not necessarily accurate, it is progressively more complex to search afar massive information in databases that is compiled to elude you away from perceiving past critical events. Being earthly legal law abiding individuals may live harmoniously but does not exactly warrant success to our goals and may shorten life expectancy because there are always breakers and marauders in the world


Social survey shows that religion as a law has been broken down into multi-level sectarian communities increasing over time, this demonstrate that the law recycles into transitory provisions depending on how a belief is applied; either the purpose is to fine-tune a doctrine or just simply to recreate a dogma. If someone’s religion has not done good to someone’s way of behaving then that religion has done nothing to someone’s human soul. What if really you can save yourself but not through religion? Or if we had the option to just live in the past and dream of the future to take care itself which often ironically fails our goals, can we mitigate and recover time to succeed? The logical If is the most powerful English word in the universe; it is in a decision making conditional statement with logical argument in computer programming where the directional evaluation of Yes or No, True or False, On or Off, 1 or 0 then else finds the subroutine for processing the satisfactory input to its relevant algometric expressions in a procedure to provide solution and deliver vital output. 


Algorithms are set of formula or instruction with infinite number of steps that are logically expressed in words or mathematical equation commonly used in computer programming. If given all the religious parameters excluding prophesy with greater proximity that turns out a hoax, how would we process religion related to the success on our goals and endurance? Do you think that an error trapping of nested IF-Then-Else statement would be sufficient enough to evaluate? Or simply waive and foresee the tendency of being entangled by more debatable issues and end-up in an endless loop. The truth is that, you don’t have to know computer to programme yourself but only to follow viable fundamental laws of nature, since people are obsessed with establishing laws about almost everything. The universal law tells us that the sun rises in its obedience; the outer space is made up of planets and exotic objects, and to name these few are God's sign. 


In order to awaken ourselves in this way of thinking, it has been recommended to define base on your current belief on what is not God than crack the mysteries of who is God, after all religions lead to the same God. Likewise, if you don't pray, you will not manage to fell His presence. Harnessing the awareness of cosmic energy is a way of praying in a form of meditation but meditation does not only comes in specific posture rather can be performed in unlimited fashion in any place and at anytime that aide us to plan about success; love, wealth and health. Success is the point in which a man is contented. The famous enchanting storyteller Paulo Coelho wrote that 'ourselves ill earning money, and then spend all our money on getting well again, and people are concerned with something to be what they are not'. We sometimes waste enormous time trying to find solution, and realized to be already been defeated by adversity at the time we find it. 


The Buttress Protocol suggest that sometimes we have to feel pain in order to convey our discomfort so that people around us will not take the critical situation for-granted and proper medication can be administered in time. The case of my late Dad proves that the myth of self-healing which transpired trying to cure himself is not always true and it's far better to ask God for guidance of the attending concern and responsible family members decision to make or decision to take, and guide the doctors hands. To know God is to know ourselves since our body is a temple of God, this could mean thinking our body is thinking about our soul and one will help the other with love. Not time and not will-power transform man rather Love transform and love cures, but sometime, love build deadly traps and can end up destroying a person who had resolved to give him or herself completely; yet, love is the only reason we continue to live, struggle and improve, says Paulo. Too much Love will kill you, as the song goes. However, “I never regret to fall in love... at least for once in my life, my emotion had tasted a little paradise”, a text message from my friend Lerma. 


'Failure is only a temporary defeat unless accepted into reality', a quote by writer Napoleon Hill. In year 2010, my friend Raquel and husband Robert had a motorcycle crashed in the middle of the night at Aguinaldo highway, Cavite, Philippines on their way from work in one of the world's prestigious call-centers. Two years later, I raised the question on how did they manage to endure with her broken leg while also in the state of suffering from dextroscoliosis and his unthinkable figure on that shattered helmet? Unfortunately, waited about an hour time for the availability of an ambulance from the emergency response unit and passerby did not bother thinking that the incident might be a common modus operandi of hold-uppers in the area. Laying on the pavement but holding our mobile phone while we looked up the sky and recalled on what you had taught us long ago in Dubai to visualize beautiful things, natures goodness, food trips, love of the family, the universe, all God's creations and what buildup our human body, said the couple.

Raquel added to test her intelligence by reciting the introductory lines normally delivered to customers at work in order to keep their consciousness awake while bearing the pain, claiming that it is not an accident but a purpose. 'God is good' in conjunction on every sms or online messages they made since then, and she was reinstated on the usual job but smiling of extra income on successful network marketing, while he who once to be a security officer with military background is now marshalling private aircrafts in a vip exclusive pacific island resort. 

“God is natural, the real intelligence, the unbound by space or time and creator of all creators”. 


Watch for science dramatic twist as the sequel of the Infinite-Dimensional Set Theory continues. Thus far…the book is still by no means finished. 

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Two Worlds

Posted on December 24, 2012 at 9:10 PM

An Infinite-Dimensional Set Theory



Let us make man…! The Biblical God said in Genesis, Chapter 1 verse 26.  Who was with God if He was not alone in the creation?


The Beginning or the Word or Jehovah the name of Jesus in the eternal spirit worlds was with God, the angels were not involved in the creation of man based on Trinity doctrine. However, asserted by the Christian doctrine that they cannot be dismissed by the assumption that God is speaking of himself in a type of third person way.  The passage that God refers to "us", provide no evidence whatsoever for the teaching that God is a Trinity, or that is are a plurality of beings within God in other interpretation. God is only one (unitarianism) or only many (polytheism) defined by authors of


To create is making something out of nothing supposedly an act of God in heaven but as earthly intelligent beings entered into this extra-ordinary time in information age and special time in the history of universe; the word “create” is one of the most abused terminologies particularly in computer software development activities. God had designed nature and were open to a deistic interpretation that this design was implemented by laws, according to the origin of concept on intelligent design (ID), but what makes computer programmers create?


In the early days, researchers to included philosophers, physicists and some scientific societies believed on anything that has no input does not exist. Nobody knows where God come from, hence He does not exist either; explained by mathematician Dr. S. Soreach, our professor in System Analysis at EIT, president of the International Computer SoftwareCorp., a consultant of Fairchild Semiconductor, and once worked with NASA. Although, God’s input data remains a mystery, so that the unsolved profound mysteries about God makes Himself to be called God; suggest is the closest thing to there is nothing and is still something.  Again, who was with God in the creation?


Two Worlds as the title of this blog, borrowed from my dad’s idea when he was viewing on one of my visual basic animated graphic design in late 1990’s. Out of respect, I endeavored to accommodate of what I thought is a crazy concept but none of my presentations satisfies his impression, not even a pirated world-class copy-paste mirror image model of earth could suffice. Unfortunately, there was no Matrix trilogy movie or Fringe TV series on that time to help me understand what was thought to be the cyberspace universe and parallel universe.  Ernesto FS, jr. died on 16th December 2011 at the age of 75, a prostate cancer patient but as per the care attendant’s testimony, he the patient claimed rapidly weaken of being poisoned… mercy?


Cancer is not actually what kills most cancer patient; the patient was determined to live a little longer provided that the Buttress Protocol finds the solution to bring his appetite back. Alternative medicine are unique, one may not be applicable to another but i was out on the time of his death to find additional funds and to acquire HZ a catalyst for rocket fuel but is tested to cure Cachexia syndrome,uncovered by former US Air Force doctor Joseph Gold as recommended by AllanSpreen,M.D. -Health Sciences Institute Advisory Panel.


Faith Healing needs divine intervention, while Spiritual Healing requires divine energy but people like my dad might have also wished to find the answers to their suffering and happiness in the other world. Dark energy is not the ghost of the departed ones but a cosmological evidence of what science taught us that build up the universe structure formation and galaxy evolution. On 13th June 2012, NASA successfully launched in position the NuSTAR on a mission to have a deeper study in this matter and survey the spacetime regions of Blackhole. Present findings of previous and latest launched space observatory system does not gathered proof that there are extra-terrestrial intelligent beings but found miniature extraterrestrial likeness of Earth's Nile River at river valley on Saturn's moon Titan, to name a few. This fairly solved the Fermi Paradox that there is no space aliens existed. Yet, we are not alone.


The Anthropic principle tell us the observations of the physical Universe must be compatible with the conscious life that observes it based on fundamental dimensionless physical constants of the universe that turn out to plunge within the tight scale contemplating to be compatible with life, a Fine-Tuned Universe and this opened up the theory of sim universe. A new technology called lattice quantum chromodynamics,can simulate a portion of the universe and can be expanded in size in the far future, currently being studied by a team of physicists at the University of Washington (UW). This reminds me of our post-graduate professor went to say,“In the far future, human beings used to die and our descendant will be dominated by artificial intelligent creatures”.


Scientifically hypothesized evidence of intelligent signatures is behind the Cosmos and cannot discount the possibility of finding the gateway to another dimension. Philosophers say that the other world is a blueprint of our world and Two Worlds or maybe more could be a mega-computer simulated running in parallel universe with its individual aspect of Dark matter based on the same platform recreated by our descendants in the far future to study how their human ancestors evolved. British philosopher Nick Bostrom imagines that our far future post-human descendants operating the simulated universe are like Gods but simulated beings; and hierarchically their creators, in turn, may also be simulated beings increasing over time except those at the fundamental level of reality. (Source: Discovery News)


What if the other world is really made of Anti-matter including ‘you’ but with opposite charge particle? If you kill an Anti-You out of conflict on existence in the far future, the case would not be murder but you committed suicide. However, you might already been dead in the other world and what if the anti-you find the people who inflected his pain and agony in the past? Scientist at CERN knew that there is something hot on anti-matter meets matter, they might explode of joy or otherwise, but certainly both particles annihilates (total destruction).


The outcome of the feared 12.21.12 end of the world prediction based on Mayan calendar which coincides with the 1Ching prophesies that becomes an Oracle of Doomsday eventually turn out nonsense.Only God knows how and when the world ends and you will be deleted, but it is much better to consider advance scientific development updates. There is God but is there an nth- dimensional array of like Gods? To whom would you address your worship?  To avoid confusion, just adhere on what you faithfully believe, provided that you have the geographical freedom to exercise such religious belief. Don’t let prayers be the pathway of excessive fortune; the cosmic events may change the way we live and planned, it is not destiny or coincidence of life but you might have been programmed. The book is still by no means finish…


In memory of Ernesto FS, jr., 1st earthly death anniversary

Image Credits: NASA for the original

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Exotic Objects in Deep Outer Space

Posted on June 17, 2012 at 5:05 AM

The White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars, Black Holes and Supernovae are among the Exotic Objects in Deep Outer Space, it help us understand the Life and Death of Stars.

Birthplace of Stars. Astronomers believe that molecular clouds of gas located primarily in the spiral arms of Galaxies, is where the Stars are born. Dense regions in the clouds of gas collapse and form "protostars". The gravitational energy of the collapsing star is the source of its energy before the star contracts enough that its central core can burn hydrogen to helium; it becomes a "main sequence" star like our Sun. The more massive a main sequence star, the brighter and bluer it is.

Death of an "Ordinary" Star. Once a star exhausts its core hydrogen supply, the star becomes redder, larger, and more luminous: it becomes a red giant star. The core of the star collapses under gravity's pull until it reaches a high enough density to start burning helium to carbon. Eventually, the Sun will lose all of the mass in its envelope and leave behind a hot core of carbon embedded in a nebula of expelled gas. Radiation from this hot core will ionize the nebula then the carbon core will eventually cool and become a White Dwarf, the dense dim remnant of a once bright star.

Death of a Massive Star (Supernova). When a star ten times more massive than Sun, it exhaust the helium in the core. The carbon core continues to burn carbon to oxygen, neon, silicon, sulfur and finally to iron. Without any nuclear source of heat to balance the gravity, the iron core collapses until it reaches nuclear densities which resists further collapse causing the infalling matter to bounce and produces a Supernova explosion that inject carbon, oxygen, silicon and other heavy elements up to iron into interstellar space that make life possible. The structure resulting from the explosion bounded by an expanding shock wave is called a Supernova Remnant. The star that exploded as a supernova is referred to as the supernova's progenitor star. 1) If the progenitor star's mass is around ten times the mass of the Sun, the core will cool to form a Neutron star. Neutron stars are potentially detectable as "pulsars", powerful beacons of radio emission. 2) If the progenitor mass is larger, then the resultant core is so heavy that not even nuclear forces can resist the pull of gravity and the core collapses to form a Black Hole. The material flowing onto the neutron star or black hole will produce a strong X-ray source that is called an X-ray binary. A quasar occurs when a black hole consumes all the gas surrounding it. (Source: NASA)

Wormhole is originally known as Einstein-Rosen bridges, hypothetical realization of general relativity that allows the existence of tunnel shortcuts connecting distant regions of space-time. If a Black hole can form from the gravitational collapse of massive star through an event horizon (surrounding the black hole defined as the point of no return) in the future from Supernova, then the reverse process of an exploding White hole; matter emerging from an event horizon in the past is also possible. A white hole is a region of space-time which matter and light may escape but cannot be entered from the outside. It is the reverse of a black hole, which nothing, including light, may escape but can be entered from the outside. "From that it follows that our universe could have itself formed from inside a black hole existing inside another universe", stated by theoretical physicist, Dr. Nikodem Poplawski of Indiana University. 'Space itself is expanding, carrying galaxies with it, like spots on an inflating balloon', a common analogy explained from the prevailing cosmological model of the BIG BANG theory.

Back in Time. The deeper we look into space is like looking further back into the past. The light we see from a star 1.5 million light years away on the Andromeda galaxy, the nearest neighbor of our Milkyway galaxy was emitted about 100,000 years ago traveling at speed of light approximately 300,000 km/sec. The relationship between mass and lifetime enables astronomers to put a lower limit on the age of the universe. New particles and antiparticles were created right after the Big Bang, for each billion of antiparticles there was a billion plus one matter particles and then annihilated in pairs through successive collisions back into energy as the Universe Expanded. The thermal (electromagnetic) radiation left-over after the annihilations is called the 'Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation' and fills the space between stars and galaxies uniformly, almost exactly on the same direction. Without excess of matter over antimatter, the universe would be an empty space, consumed by light with no stars, our planet earth and others planets, and mankind. Dark matter is a hypothetical particle called the weakly interacting massive particle, or WIMP plays a central role in of structure formation and galaxy evolution, and is a type of matter with high-energy signatures that do not emit or absorb light which can not be seen through an ordinary telescope in the background. If the electrons, protons and neutrons which make our world then, their twins, positrons, antiprotons and antineutrons respectively were also created. New evidence that a sea of Cosmic Neutrinos electrically neutral remnant of the early universe - its oldest light almost weightless sub-atomic particles pass through you every second at nearly the speed of light. A block of lead (radiation-proof material) the size of our entire solar system wouldn’t even come close to stopping a cosmic neutrino,” said science team member Eiichiro Komatsu of the University of Texas at Austin.

NASA's NuSTAR Mission Begins. On Wednesday, 13th June 2012 at 09:12 AM PDT, confirmation of the successful deployment of NuSTAR's solar arrays in space was received. Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) will spend at least two years surveying high-energy X-rays more closely with its spatial and spectral resolution to the previously poorly explored hard X-ray region of the electromagnetic spectrum. NuSTAR will open a new window on the universe and will provide complementary data to NASA's larger missions, including Fermi, Chandra, Hubble and Spitzer." which detects lower-energy X-rays, will help solve fundamental cosmic mysteries. The expected result is an orbiting observatory that enables astronomers to see the universe in an additional band of light, advancing our understanding. "NuSTAR will help us find the most elusive and most energetic black holes, to help us understand the structure of the universe," said Fiona Harrison, the mission's principal investigator at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.

This blog post is to commemorate on reaching the portal of living in an extraordinary time in this information age from 40 years of search for scientific solution of suppose to be a myth on perceiving bizarre large but random concentric dark spots that sometime appeared on our ceilings, walls and open spaces in our home at the age of 12-13. Local elder folks commented that it could be a gateway to hell but to my dad assumption, it could be somewhat a reflection of a gateway to another world. So far, the viable explanation cannot be found in the old house as it was sold out and rebuilt by the new owners but perhaps the answer to such experience lies beyond the Deep Outer Space; a part of the Infinite Dimensional Set Theory.

Albert Einstein, went on to say that "Knowledge is limited, Imagination encircles the world." Means, that Imagination is more important than Knowledge. Nature has the ability to throw us the biggest surprises, so expect dramatic twists and unexpected turns; many before you have dreamed up mind–blowing theories and crazy concepts. Some of these have prevailed against the tests of time and armies of knowledgeable critics – thus far. Someone, sometime, somewhere, may succeed in completing these unfinished mysteries, or even rewrite the chapters entirely. The book is by no means finished. (Source: CERN)

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Posted on June 14, 2012 at 5:20 PM

Antimatter is composed of antiparticles in the same way that normal matter is composed of particles. The branch of physics that deals with the study of the existence and interactions of atomic particles is known as Particle physics and the world largest center for this study is in Switzerland called 'CERN- European Organization for Nuclear Research'. A CERN physicist, Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web (www), world's first-ever web site and web server.

Matter is anything that occupies space and has mass, everything you can touch is Matter... including you!. A Particle is a small object that constitutes the structure of matter much larger than atoms and molecules that is sufficient enough to determine its attribute, volume & mass, and it exist in three types, electrons, protons and neutrons. The word Anti-, in thesaurus equivalent meaning is similar to opposing, dead set against, unwilling, defiant, challenging or opposed to.

The Big Bang model was a natural outcome of Einstein's General Relativity as applied to a homogeneous universe. However, in 1917, the idea that the universe was expanding was thought to be absurd. So Einstein invented the cosmological constant as a term in his General Relativity theory that allowed for a static universe. In 1929, Edwin Hubble announced that his observations of galaxies outside our own Milky Way showed that they were systematically moving away from us with a speed that was proportional to their distance from us. (NASA WMAP_Universe.pdf 1.53mb)

The concept of Antimatter begins in 1928 with a British born physicist named Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac with his mathematical wave equation had introduce the Albert Einstein's relativity theory and Schrödinger's quantum theory are not only distinct from each other, but also oppose each other. Physicists had imagined that somewhere behind in the Exotic Objects in Deep Outer Space; there may be an Anti-you, a world that looks just like our own world, a parallel universe made of Antimatter. His theory work when the electron had a clone or mirror image particle, identical to it but with an opposite electric charge called an Antielectron or Positron in the same manner for any existing particle with proton and antiproton, neutron and antineutron.

The Antiproton Decelerator at CERN produces the low energy Antiprotons including the synthesis of Antihydrogen atoms. Antiparticles can be generated by colliding subatomic particles. Antiparticles created in a laboratory have a short life span as they are accelerated to collide into normal particles and annihilate. Matter and antimatter, or particles and antiparticles follows or attracts but when comes close to each other explodes and disappear leaving behind the energy. Albert Einstein's E = mc2 - mass is concentrated energy suggest, that matter can be created with energy and energy can be created with matter.

Antimatter is used in medicine for brain scans but research projects have also investigated the use of Antimatter as Fuel of the Future and space missions.

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Fuel of the Future

Posted on June 13, 2012 at 3:10 PM

New technologies are being developed for alternative fuels, and not only scientists envisage in supplementing, replacing or eliminating our dependency to fossil fuels (Coal, Crude Oil & Natural Gas) for several reasons. The carbon dioxide (CO2) emission from refining and consumption of fossil fuels causes pollution and adverse damage to our environment. Fossil fuels are not renewable energy sources and have geopolitical influence that become operationally expensive and scarce in supply.

Human Society has an obligation to preserve the environment for future generations but we must augment our increasing energy needs while moving to reduce petroluem dependence. Biofuels derived from Biomass conversion had threaten to push up food prices. Yet, Among the Fuels of the Future are Methanol, Ethanol, Biobutanol, Hydrogen, and Natural Gas. These fuels more particularly hydrogen when completely burn down doesn't produce greenhouse-enhancing carbon dioxide but producing them does have an environmental impact. Bioremediation is any process that uses microorganisms or their enzymes to return the environment altered by contaminants to its original condition.

Nuclear Energy, still an extremely controversial source of fuel of the future, although it has stable long term costs and an effective power generation output compared to the billions tons of greenhouse gases and pollutants from fossil fuel. The three main disadvantages of nuclear power are waste disposal, energy security, and nuclear disasters, which make nuclear energy much less viable. There were several waste disposal propositions have been made but burying underground on isolated mountains is the temporary solution like Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository in Nevada, USA. There are may be very efficient nuclear energy sources of the future such as frozen Deuterium in laser driven nuclear fusion and Antimatter that are still at the development steps on the road to commercial use.

'Extreme Engineering': Researchers use bacteria to reduce uranium to safe levels published by Stanford University News Service and further tests were conducted at IFRC field sites that show promising results. Geobacter sulfurreducens are comma shaped gram-negative, anaerobic bacteria that are one of the predominant metal-reducing bacteria, discovered in a sample of soil contaminated by hydrocarbons in Norman, Oklahoma. This bacteria can be used to generate electricity when attached to electrodes and it produces nanowires that transfer electrons, the metallic-like wires are key to bioenergy applications of Geobacter, such as the conversion of wastes and biomass to methane and generating electricity from wastes in microbial fuel cells.

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Nuclear Energy

Posted on June 10, 2012 at 4:20 PM

Currently, there are only few types of producing Nuclear Energy, commonly these are through the release process by Nuclear Fission or Nuclear Fusion or Radioactive Decay.

Nuclear Fission is the process where Neutrons is struck into the nucleus of uranium (235U) atoms in a nuclear reactor, which atom splits and releases a chain reaction energy in the form of heat that turns water into steam, which drive turbine to spin a generator and produce electricity. A typical main parts of nuclear reactor has the “core” where the nuclear reactions take place, the fuel rods and assemblies, the control rods, the moderator, and the coolant. Uranium (238U) ore absorbs the neutron into its nucleus and is not a fissile isotope of Uranium, so a technique is used to combine it with flourine called a Gaseous Diffusion to extract an enriched supply of Nuclear fuel. Plutonium is mostly a byproduct of nuclear fission in reactors where some of the neutrons released by the fission process convert uranium-238 nuclei into plutonium.

Nuclear Fusion is the process used by the sun and active stars to produce its energy by which two or more atomic nuclei join together through intense pressure and new single heavier nucleus than the originals is formed. The most common type achievable on earth is the fusion of two hydrogen isotopes of Deuterium (2H) and Tritium (3H), where each nucleus is fused to form an Alpha particle (4He nucleus) and a neutron. This process also sets off a chain reaction, which is difficult to control by man and is not yet commercially used as a means of producing electricity due to the extreme health, safety and environment requirements for continuous reactions and plasma containment. Its primary use is still only in the production of nuclear weapons.

Radioactive decay is the spontaneous and irreversible transformation processes by which an atomic nucleus of an unstable atom loses energy by emitting ionizing radiation or particles, this can be done by changing the number of protons in the nucleus. The three types of radioactive decay are the Alpha Radiation, Beta Radiation and Gamma radiation. Radioactive Decay is used in Nuclear Power plants where decay created from fission is in used for heat generation during reactor shut down, Age Dating in geology, Radioactive Tracers in imaging systems, Cancer Treatment, Sterilizing, Detectors, and Genetic Studies.

There are may be very efficient nuclear energy sources of the future such as frozen Deuterium in laser driven nuclear fusion and Antimatter that are still at the development steps on the road to commercial use.

We have access to so much bulk information from the internet but it is increasingly misconstrued upon looking beyond files of information that may keep you away from seeing certain points. An experimental social search network has been provided by Microsoft Research Fuse Labs named SOCL and was tested by roysplanner to demonstrate the effect of a fragmented process opinion on an extremely scientific and most controversial energy source such as Nuclear Fission. A network follower had posted corrective comments on the original message which leads the viewers to a deeper correlated fact; that someone may think that the process of Nuclear Fission and Fusion are the same, although they are not.

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Energy Source

Posted on May 30, 2012 at 11:20 PM

Energy Sources:

Energy source of the world is primarily dependent on petroleum or Crude Oil which comprises 32% to the total energy production closely followed by Coal (30%) and Natural gas (23%). Nuclear and Hydroelectric energy sources contribute at 5% & 6% respectively, and Wind power (1%)  with the remaining 3% coming from solar, wave, tidal, geothermal and biofuels sources.(see Live Commodities)

Electricity is the physical phenomena associated with the flow of electric charges which can be positive or negative. Electricity Generation is the process of generating electric energy from other forms or source of energy. Basically, Electricity is generated by the movement of a loop of wire,or disc of copper between the poles of a magnet. An Electric Generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy.

The Electric Generator can be operated by manual hand crank and compressed air. At an Electric power generating station, the sources of mechanical energy are driven by direct-coupled internal combustion engine such as Diesel fueled and other petro-chemicals, turbine fueled by gas, steam turbine heated by nuclear fission reactor, fossil fuel & biomass, and turbines driven by kinetic energy such as hydro-electric, water wave & tides, and wind. Technology had advances to harness solar photovoltaics and geothermal energy to generate electricity. Harnessing a lightning bolt and using the electricity is not easy to overcome due to obstacles such as; knowing when and where lightning will strike, capturing, materials that could withstand the sudden surge and transmitting it onto the electrical power grid.

Renewable energy sources include all fuel types and energy carriers, different from the fossil ones. Renewable energy sources include solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, Biomass from plants or animals, and hydropower from water.

Coal, Crude oil and Natural gas are called "fossil fuels" because they have been formed from the organic remains of prehistoric plants and animals. While Biofuels include fuels derived from Biomass conversion, such as Bioethanol alcohol from corn or sugarcane, Cellulosic Biomass for Ethanol production that is derived from tress and grasses, and Biodiesel which is made from vegetable oils and animal fats. Ethanol and Biodiesel can be used as a fuel for vehicles in its pure form, but it is usually used as additive to gasoline and diesel respectively to improve emission. Biogas is a type of Biofuel produced by the biological breakdown in the absence of oxygen to convert gas from organic waste such as dead plant and animal material, animal feces, and kitchen waste including municipal solid waste.

There are may be very efficient nuclear fuel source of the future such as frozen Deuterium in laser driven nuclear fusion and Antimatter that are still at the development steps on the road to commercial use.

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Death is pain

Posted on July 4, 2011 at 5:25 AM

The Buttress Protocol continues...

It is said that death is man’s ultimate experience when the human soul leaves its human body due to intense pain. To Some people who acquired the ability to defy untimely death had in one way or another developed psychic consciousness to ignore pain. Criminals who inflicted pain to others may prefer the painless lethal injection as the best choice to die.

On April 2005, Mr. Ernesto FS, jr., a resident in the Southern Philippines was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Although, the initial laboratory examination shows ambiguous findings but it has been over-ruled by doctors to be at its early stage and could be stabilized by any available prostate health medicines and regular check-up. However, someone from the patient’s dominating family member had been announcing a level 4 cancer scenario of their father’s health status that leads the patient desperately seek an alternative solution.

The patient expresses his disappointment on why his prostate cancer was not diagnosed much earlier in spite of regular monthly medical check-up. Piles of books regarding prevention and how to fight cancer, and the intake of food supplements, suggests that the patient is determined to live and valued life. He also spent his remaining retirement compensation which was devastated by a pyramiding network investment scam to acquire additional knowledge from spiritual societies abroad in order to complete his research work dating back since 1937 up to this information age regarding the mastery of inner self awareness of the Laws of Nature.

The Buttress Protocol does go behind certain algorithms in this case in terms of cure, that ‘Only Evil can fight Evil’. Similarly, the medicine to treat snake bite is cultured snake venom, anti-rabies is rabies itself and vaccines are modified versions of the virus or bacteria being anticipated. Thus, what is good such as Vegetables, Fruits and their extracts remains as preventive measures, maybe goes a long way to become therapeutic or perhaps partly useless.

The patient was aware on the publicity of cure for cancer in 2006, the venom of the white blind scorpion only found underneath in the dark caves of Israel, yet it might take years to be affordably commercialized upon the reach of an average earner. The venom is supposed to be applied directly on the infected mass, killing the bad cells and regenerate the good cells. Knowing the facts of waiting for the right cure other than chemotherapy that has never been recommended as option in his treatment because the bombardment of radiation to the prostate cancer cells will kill the bad as well as the good ones and possibly the nearby glands, the patient had recourse his perception towards spiritual awakening.

The mystical exercise that the patient had attempted allows him to rise at an imaginary level of consciousness outside this world to a cosmic plane where he visualizes happiness, felt the vibrations and energy of nature, and build a virtual place of relief on his problems. Along with the progress of this paranormal technique, the patient has been transmitting to his eldest son some monograms, codes and symbols such as the yin-yang, pyramid of life, circles of souls, flames, landscape, cathedral, hands, plants, signs of fortune or good health, and notes with a cover title: ‘The Most Interesting Journey of Your Life Starts Now’. Those symbols were later incorporated into his permanent tattoo as a gesture of support to his father’s exceptional quest. However, anxious of what consequences might be encountered in-transit, what if the exercise is not perfected due to earthly intervention or maybe the cure for Cancer will arrive too late.

On August 2010, the negative speculation had emerged when the patient’s dominating family member who is attending their father since professionally inclined to medicine had refused to administer a possible alternative treatment of cancer, the Guyabano fruit that was widely published in the net and televisions that is only found in tropical countries like South America & the Philippines. They claimed to be on the brighter side of medicine and declared that the patient does not feel any pain for five years with cancer and he is healthy.

While in contrary, they had employed a tribal faith healer and dosed up the patient with oily concoction serve on un-sanitized cap of the bottle container, as per witnesses’ recollection. Worst reality, is their minds had been clouded with hoax assertion that the patient is a Cancer survivor following the tribal faith healer false impression according to the local PC Medical Center’s Hemodialysis staff where the patient is treated for two years. In fact, the tribal faith healer was not able to deflate a pustule about 70 mm big at the back of the patient’s left knee given the chance to perform all his rituals and magic.

They had demanded the patient’s eldest son to come home on April 2011 and deliberately turned-over the responsibility for his father’s fate. What can you expect to an overseas construction management oriented man to have an abating father to be under his custody and being required to sign a quit-claim document on their favour in the event of his father death? How would you feel to be the eldest in the family being humiliated and ordered to remove an intermittent catheter under supervision by them? It could have been an opportunity to conquer some other’s profession because the patient does not feel any pain even without anaesthetic dosage. Probably, a part of his consciousness is lost somewhere in his imaginary sanctum.

This real life challenge is a punishment to an eldest son in the family of keeping himself abroad to send financial support only and not having served physically the ailing parents on past and present situations or perhaps it was a cover-up to a blunder as a result of negligence in the treatment of the cancer patient. How can anyone assess a dying patient refusing to take excessive quantity of medicine at a time prescribed from several medical opinions for the reason that if those tablets and capsules is the cure of his illness, he should have been cured long time ago, within the past six years? Performing remedial measures were difficult to decide where time is a primary factor to a patient experiencing repetitive urinary retention after catheterization and the damage to the swelling prostate that causes the blockage of discharge, kidneys and urine bladder damage, and the extent of spread of cancer due to the agitated effect. Catheter is a classic method on medical science and available on several fashions but nobody had thought of using another way to establish a by-pass drain other than passing through the urinary tract of the patient. The Buttress Protocol should be implemented immediately but He should feel the pain in order to communicate the problem so that a stepwise system in the process can be administered.

It is a known fact that ‘The Loss Lies where it falls’ a Buttress Protocol Algorithm derived from forensic claim analysis in a dispute resolution. There should have been legal action to reclaim the patient’s property documents including his Senior Citizen privilege card that was possessed and sanction by the patient’s dominating family member which could have been use as negotiable instrument to augment funding for an emergency endoscopic medical procedure and possible preventive spread treatment of cancer as recommended by Cancer Specialists. Yet, delegating the responsibilities to some dummies will just bring the situation back to the time of stone-age. Neighbours can still recall the pressure shout out loudly: “Carry your father to the hospital, get him an injection, blood transfusion, insert his catheter on, and if you have the power then cure your father”. However, most brothers had shown sympathy and it is something that keeps the Buttress Protocol moving in full-time no matter what peripheral demands may arise. ‘You have to loss something to get something’.

Late, as the new attending Nephro-specialist Doctor Emerson M. had stated and interposed no restriction towards the patient’s diet and further external treatment. The cancer had speedily been creeping through the patient’s rectum and to the spinal column that causes the cut-off of signal from the brain to the rest of his nervous system; both arms and legs were impaired. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the patient’s medical record to show any prostate specific medicine that has been administered before May 2011 as reviewed by Dr. Omar B., a consulting Diplomate in Urology and a prostate cancer specialist.

Within 80 days since the implementation of the Buttress Protocol brought exciting development, as follows:

1. He can feel the pain, locate the swelling region, and distinguish the between numbness and sharp pain.

2. Urinary retention was overcome without catheterization.

3. Never had a Fever as indication of further infection.

4. Blood transfusion was never push through and brought the haemoglobin 0.8 units above normal.

5. Sodium & Potassium was stabilized within normal range.

6. RBC & PUS cells is alleviated and becomes measurable than abundant.

7. Able to modify the nature of bacteria presence in urine and becomes Few compared to Highly Packed & Abundant. Doctors had replaced antibiotic to a much affordable but effective.

8. Kriatinin becomes 3 counts lower than before.

9. Introduction of instant relief against itchy phosphorous attack.

10. Doctors where able to simplify the therapeutic medicines for BP, Heart care, Nerves, Bones, kidneys and etc.

11. Large Pustule at the back of the patients left knee was eradicated without formal medical intercession.

12. No other major complications found except the kidneys, urine bladder, blood, and possibly the spinal cord.

Although, the patient is bed-ridden but the latest CT Scan result shows no infectious organism spread had reach his brain and there are no traces of stroke. Memory test demonstrates to recall 25 years back but there are gaps especially within the last 4 years period. He can still take few table spoons of food and medicine orally but aided. The pain he felt is moderate and intermittent usually related to external movements. This unfortunate experience tells us that ‘Sometimes we should feel pain in order to be save’ and appeal of any discomfort so that people around will not take actions for-granted.

Every time the patient woke up as if he is still in another layer of a dream that one can hear with his fading voice: “Please, wake me up”. Maybe, it is because he cannot manage to move due to the damage link from his brain to the rest of his nervous system. What about if he is addressing the request to call on his psychic consciousness that lost its way back due to an interruption while in the state of animating his imaginary sanctum in an intelligent effort to ignore pain and find the solution suspended in space? What would happen if his psychic consciousness set with so called nature’s energy field and find its way back just to realize that his mortality does not exist anymore? Will he haunt someone or just stay in thin air of another dimension infinitely? Nobody might believed in this is Extreme Science.

The Buttress Protocol will continue...

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Buttress Protocol

Posted on May 20, 2011 at 12:55 PM



It will be complex to plan what choices your future contain without any forecast of what consequently would occur. The Buttress Protocol is not an alternative medicinal treatment procedure but a part of an auxiliary planning scheme in line with the Infinite-Dimensional Set Theory, a Crisis Management when there is no more enough medical science and technology that could save you and your love ones. 

As information technology advances, it gives the impression that doctors and research scientists are rapidly discovering or rediscovering more uses of obtainable medicinal ingredients. While many medicinal products make claims by borrowing science conducted on other brands, some that are classified as food supplement had proven clinical results but sustain no approved therapeutic evidence, others are recommended by healthcare professionals because of the quality and positive result based on testimony by users whilst marketed through influential endorsement network. Likewise, generic equivalent of medicines are not always as powerful as branded products names because an illness may complicate the other systems of the human body.

Although, we as literates have access to so much bulk information from anywhere and over the net but it is increasingly difficult to look beyond files of information that was constructed to keep you away from seeing past a certain point. Flawless calculations and seamless literature were replaced for the intended purpose of a few whose interests were to gain remarkable personal wealth and selfish power. The knowledge of what makes up humanity and nature has been concealed, since what is accepted is not necessarily truth and what is taught is not necessarily right.  It would not have served to few entrepreneurs if anyone could put logical algorithms to use as connection on the Balance of Nature that was there since time began which is far more powerful and omnipresent than any human who is a part of nature itself.

Conventional medicines and food supplements should not be misconstrued as futile while preferentially held pending administration as the Buttress Protocol continues.

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