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Not anymore a top secret. This topic was transpired by Engr. Domingo J. Legario, a recipient of erosets Mutual Fund as financial assistance for his employment placement fee that was openly published on the profile walls @

erosets Mutual Fund:

The erosets Mutual Fund was launched during the height of the 2008 economic crisis; initiated from non-solicited / non-profit charitable sources who voluntarily entrusted erosets to disburse the funds for the purpose of aid and extracting migrant workers who were stranded in Oman and Iran due to the tight enforcement of visa-change formalities for their fated re-entry to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The selection of recipients for the erosets Mutual Fund is entirely based on character reference or preferential endorsement and on the potential viability of the user’s cause. At erosets, we believed that sharing does not only let us fell good but it is something that everybody must… extend support to the needy who in particular had endeavor to explore for a brighter future away from home.

Since then, erosets as the host system had stretch the conduit of trust between the sustaining providers and users of the mutual fund. The willingness to replenish in several folds for the debt of gratitude that sometimes were long time over-due made the users to became providers.

No credit card is entailed in any monetary transaction until an official secured notification is published on this site to protect you against from identity thief. For your donation, repayment or query; please subscribe or register and leave a message to the site owner and/or site administrator of erosets. For your comments and suggestion please click ‘Post Reply’ on this forum page. Thank You!

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Attention Migrant Worker:

Due to persistent offline demand mssgs. from several Colleagues who believed in helping other migrant workers that might in the future be needing financial assistance, a Paypal Secured Account has been opened for quicker and much safer monetary transactions regarding the erosets Mutual Fund. 

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

For your Donations and repayment, please goto the Processing or Contact Us page of the erosets site and click the ‘Donate’ button to follow the link. For other queries, please Register or Subscribe and leave a message to the site owner and/or administrator. For for your comments and suggestions please click ‘Post Reply’ on this forum page. Thank you!


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