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Survey may refer to Quantitative, Qualitative, Geography, Earth Sciences, Construction & Mining, Archaeology, and Astronomy. Surveying is the activity of determining accurate survey data and its process. The professional who does surveying is called a Surveyor.

Geodetic Survey

erosets caters the adoptation of the Global Positioning System (GPS) in resolving claims for lands of public domain, ancestral domain for the indigenous cultural communities and mining claims in the Asia-Pacific Region. In line with the coming of advance information technology (IT), and the functionalty of the Geographical Information System (GIS), we play a part in the build-up of data bases by providing clients with digitally converted vital information and raster graphics .

Surveying : Theory and Practice

Quantity Survey

erosets play a supporting role in the commercial and financial management of construction projects. We help manage projects to ensure that they are built on time and to budget, and assisted project management process teams to be cost effective and that they get the best value from contractors and suppliers. Our involvement highlights variation claims in complex commercial conditions of contracts.

Quantity Surveying: For the Use of Surveyors, Architects, Engineers and Builders

Statistic Survey

erosets participates in enumerating updates demographic data that are essential for urban planning. We had expanded to Value Engineering by processing product and function against its cost, systematically analize for industrial engineering and project management. Customize Key Performance Indicators (KPI) had help our clients improved productivity & logically aided to forcast progress & time scheduling, kepping abreast of manageable cash flow.

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Environmental Survey

erosets had invested time & resources to support our clients on projects which the requirement for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) needs to be ascertained, leading to the issuance of Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) and in accordance with ISO 14000 Environmental Management Standard. These projects should be subjected to Initial Environmental Examination (IEE). IEE is carried out to determine whether potential adverse environmental effects are significant or whether mitigation measures can be employed or eliminate these adverse effects. In IEE process, it is necessary to describe the activities to be implemented and natural resources to be affected including demands, waste production, regulation, policies, geopolitical limits, guidelines and incorporating the analysis of data derived from environmental surveys, expert advices, liability statements & technical inputs from environmental specialist.

Handbook of Environmental Economics: Environmental Degradation and Institutional Responses
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Exploration/ Prospecting/ Treasure Hunting

erosets was a chartered surveyor for mining exploration of Rare earth elements (metals), Gold prospecting and Treasure hunting; helping out investors on their go or no-go decision making based on geological data, infra-red & thermal satellite images, metal detectors & scanners reading, and lead signs & maps interpretations.

Surveying Equipment & Supplies


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